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If you have a hyperactive dog that tends to bounce around or even just love trampolines yourself, giving your dog a trampoline inspired name is the perfect way to immortalize your dynamic playfulness. Although the historic names that surround it certainly aren’t the household type, the sport itself has a veritable lexicon of unique names for specific moves, giving you tons of potential options to use. Between somersaults, flips, twists and turns along with those who have pioneered, refined and perfected them, there should be no shortage of acrobatic titles that will have others flipping over your dog’s name as much as their lovable personality. 

Trampoline Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Trampoline Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Coming up with a good trampoline inspired name can be a bit tough for several reasons. First, few trampoline gymnasts likely share much in common with dogs outside of their origins. Second, most of the names describe very specific moves which may have no true relation to your dog’s abilities, no matter how acrobatic they are. Therefore, it’s best to pick a name that has dual meaning, such as giving your rotund Rottie the name Barrel or your Basenji the name Corkscrew. 

To make your job easier, we suggest putting together a list of your dog’s more prominent traits, everything from their breed origin to their aesthetic qualities and personality to quirks, as these will generally be the best to work off of. Like in the examples above, find some names on the list that match your dog in some way. If they tend to be careless and run into things a lot, the names Crash or Kaboom would be great fits. If they wiggle when they leap into the air, then the names Porpoise and Dolphin would be good choices — if they remain rigid instead, Pike and Puck would also work. 

With enough thought, there should be at least a few options you can pick from that won’t have you twisting and turning at night. 

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