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The thrilling tales of pirates and all their crazy adventures have been most excellently captured by Disney in their movie series known as Pirates of the Caribbean. The inspiration for this series was actually taken from Disney World’s popular attraction known by the same name. When the first movie in the line of pirate entertainment ( The Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl) was released in 2003, Johnny Depp swept us all of our feet with his antics and downright fantastic portrayal of the main pirate character, Jack Sparrow. Ever since then, he has lead us down the path of many laughs and crazy adventures through the following 4 movies with the most recent film being released in 2017 (Dead Men Tell No Tales).

Pirates of the Caribbean Dog Names in Pop Culture

Pirates of the Caribbean Dog Name Considerations

If you are a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean  films, you most likely love the idea of giving your furry friend a swashbuckling name. Thankfully, due to the vast amount of characters that have graced the screen during the 5 Pirates of the Caribbean movies, there are quite a few names to choose from. No matter whether you are searching for a mermaid name, or a title that’s fit for a scaly member of Davy Jone’s crew, this list pretty much has it all. 

One excellent example of a name for a male dog may be “Jolly Roger”. This is a well-known pirate ship and it offers a bit of flexibility depending on which part of the name you like better; you could either call the dog “Jolly”, “Roger”, or both of them together if you really want to stick to the whole-hearted pirate theme! For a female dog, an obvious choice may be the name “Elizabeth”, but if you’d like to travel a bit off the beaten path, there is also the newest character in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, “Carina”. This is a lovely and sweet name, but if you know the character, there is no doubt that the name also represents a good deal of bravery and intelligence; that girl really isn’t messing around!

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Community Dogs with a Pirates of the Caribbean Name

Captain redbeard cooper's name story for Pirates of the Caribbean Dog Names
Captain redbeard cooper
Redbone Coonhound
Houston, OH

His name is Cooper and he's already a captain and he's obviously red.

Monte's name story for Pirates of the Caribbean Dog Names
German Shorthaired Pointer
Dallas, WI

Named after montepulciano wine

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