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When seeking a new name for your dog, it can be confusing as there are so many choices. You want a name that not only suits your dog, but one that means something to you as well. For example, if you are an art fan or artist, consider choosing a name from your passion as a unique and personalised name. This choice provides a selection of names that not only can suit your new companion, but will make you feel happy every time you use its name. For example, if your new female puppy is soft, cute and almost serene, you could call her Mona, after the famous Mona Lisa painting done by Leonardo da Vinci. Or if your new companion is thoughtful and slightly reserved, Rodin might suit him well after  the French artist and sculptor famous for the work, The Thinker!

Painting Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Painting Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Chose a name for your dog that is neither embarrassing, vulgar or insulting. Remember you will be introducing your dog to many people so you don't want a red face from an inappropriate name. The name you choose should be easily understood by your dog, don't make it too close in sound to any commands you use, to prevent confusing your dog. A dog named May can cause confusion with the command to 'stay'. The name Plumb can be confused with the command 'come'. Chose a name, then think carefully how it will work for your dog. Try it out on your best friend a few times and see it they understand it. Names are a special endowment for your pet, try to make it an appropriate label that compliments your dog. And remember, when you call out your dog's name, you nor your dog want to be embarrassed by it!
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Painting Inspired Dog Names

Mona's name story for Painting Inspired Dog Names
Pit Bull
Cheektowaga, NY

I am an artist myself, and my puppy is a very huge stress reliever, much like painting. So I thought, why not name my puppy after a famous painting by a famous painter? :))

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