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Dog owners could have some different reasons for choosing a particular naming convention and dog names that start with "Lu" are no exception.  In many cases, the theme was previously established.  For example, a dog owner may already have a canine named Lucy or Lulubell, and they may want to continue the theme with a new "Lu" dog name, such as Ludwig or Lucious.  If the theme is not already established, the dog owner may have other reason, such as the easy of which a "Lu" name is pronounced or the emotions and descriptive sounds "Lu" makes.  Many words, such as luminescence, lunar, and lullaby evoke brilliant and gentle feelings that dog owners may want to project on to their sweet pups.

Dog Names that Start with 'Lu' in Pop Culture

Dog Name that Starts with 'Lu' Considerations

Except for some names, such as Lucifer, most names that start with "Lu" have a sweet sound to them and are perfect for any dog with a sweet personality.  Dog owners will want to consider their dog's potential size and try to feel out their personalities to find the perfect name that starts with "Lu."  Names such as Lulu and Lucy have diminutive sounds and may be better suited to small dogs whereas Lugwig and Luther have bigger sounding names and might suit larger dogs.  Your dog's name will be with him for life, so be sure you can live with some "Lu" names, such as Lucifer.  Lucifer, as a dog's name, can be an ironic choice for a dog rather than a fitting one.  Consider how people in your community might view your Doberman Pinscher if his name was Lucifer versus something more playful, like Lutzie.  Conversely, your Toy Poodle with his soft white coat and sweet disposition might evoke an ironic sense with the name Lucifer, because how could a sweet Toy Poodle ever be akin to the devil himself?  Other names that start with "Lu" are associated with personality rather than size and breed.  Consider Lugnut for example.  Any gearhead who works on cars might naturally want to name their big goofy Labrador Retriever Lugnut because it is meaningful to their passion and somewhat applicable to the personality of a large dog who sometimes cannot get out of his own way and can act goofy most of the time.
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