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Karate is an ancient martial art developed in Japan, in the Ryukyu Kingdom. Karate was brought to Jaan when the Ryukyuans migrated from Okinawa and started teaching karate to the Japanese, establishing the karate clubs, and getting more popular each day. In the 1960s and 1970s, movies about martial arts became increasingly popular and thus made karate even more well-known, since everybody wanted to be like Bruce Lee and other stars. The legendary Chief Instructor of Shotokan Dojo, Shigeru Egami argued that karate is not just a fantastic show, but that it is a constant marathon with oneself which can only be won through self-discipline, creativity, and hard training. 

Karate Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Karate Inspired Dog Name Considerations

If you are a fan of traditional karate, you may consider naming your doggo after one of the masters that, first off, created it, and secondly, helped popularize karate all over Okinawa and then the world. Old masters deserve all the fame we can give them, and the world needs to know that karate did not come from cheesy movies from the 1970s, even though they are pretty cool. So, the first name you can consider is the name of the “father of karate” Gichin Funakoshi, a martial artist and the founder of Shotokan Karate-Do, the most popular style of karate.

Another name you can choose is Anko, after Anko Asato, one of Gichin Funakoshi’s teachers. A Ryūkyūan karate master, Anko is known as one of the greatest experts in karate from Okinawa. He was taught by Matsumura Sōkon, one of the original karate masters from this island, and a man who was considered an expert in the martial arts as a very young man. Finally, we cannot forget Kanga Sakugawa, who, apart from having a cool name, was one of the largest contributors to Te, the predecessor of modern karate. How cool would it be to name your doggo after one of these iconic people? They will surely be the most respected doggo in the park!

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