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You want a name for your dog that is strong. You want a name that is powerful. You want a name that means "lion". Well, there are plenty to chose from! With so many names that mean lion and also that have the essence of a big, tough ruler, you will certainly be able to find the perfect name for your little lion pup. This guide will help you find the best lion name for your dog and, with a name that can symbolize strength and courage, your dog is sure to be the king of the dog park!

Dog Names Meaning Lion in Pop Culture

Dog Name Meaning Lion Considerations

While lions are actually just big cats, a dog can easily have a personality like a lion. There are a few things to consider when naming your pup something that means lion. First, consider your dog's size. Are they big like a lion? Or maybe they are super small but a name meaning lion would be hilariously fitting. You should also consider the general appearance of your dog. A pup that is overly fluffy with a wild coat of fur may look like this majestic animal, especially if that fluff is around their face like a mane! Keep in mind that female lions tend to have smooth, tawny coats that can be very similar to a soft dog's fur!

Personality should definitely come into consideration when thinking of giving your dog a lion themed name. Lions are always considered to be the kings, the rulers, and the most powerful animal around. Does this sound a little like your dog? Maybe your pup has a dominant, "in charge" personality which would make a name meaning lion very fitting. You should also consider how easy this influential name is to say over and over as you will likely be repeating it frequently, calling your wild lion dog often! 

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