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When choosing your dog's name, it is a great idea to link that name to your pup's appearance. In this case, your dog may have brown eyes and you want to name them something that reflects this. However, you probably don't want to literally name your dog "Brown Eyes", so, you may need something a little more subtle that still holds the meaning. This list of perfect pup names all mean brown eyes so you can choose a name that you love and still get the meaning that you desire. Sounds great right? Now the hard part, which brown-eyed name to choose!

Dog Names Meaning Brown Eyes in Pop Culture

Dog Name Meaning Brown Eyes Considerations

When contemplating a name which means brown-eyed, it makes sense that you would consider your dog's eye color first. Does your pup actually have brown eyes? If so, then a name with this meaning makes perfect sense! However, if your dog has blue eyes, you may want to consider other names (maybe one that means blue-eyed, for example). If your dog is one of the rare pups with one eye that is brown and one eye that is another color, these names may also work for you. 

Other than thinking about your dog's eye color, you should also consider a few other factors when choosing a name for your pup. You should like how the name sounds when you say it repeatedly and you should also like any nicknames that may be associated with the name. Think about the origin of the moniker and if that has any meaning to you or your dog. Take Duncan, for example. This Scottish name means 'has brown eyes' and would fit a breed that originated in Scotland, such as the Skye Terrier. Does your pup have dark fur and dark eyes? Consider Adrien for a male or Adriane for a female,  beautiful names that stand for dark one.

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