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Greece, the paradise nation located in the middle of the Mediterranean has always keep people dreaming of their wonderful islands, beaches, landscapes, and history. The Greek islands are one of the top destinations in the world, and probably visiting Santorini and Mykonos is on many a bucket list. The wonderful people of Greece are known for their rich history and their incredible mythology, and world-changing philosophers are still influencing society. If any of this sounds attractive and interesting to you, then you won't have trouble finding a name for your dog in a Greek inspired theme!  

Greek Dog Names in Pop Culture

Greek Dog Name Considerations

Greek mythology tells us about incredibly powerful men and women: strong, tall, attractive people with magnificent powers who would rule the world and keep it functioning. Greek people have stood out since early time, and they are also known for their impressive philosophers that transformed the world. Not only they are known for their strength and looks, but also for their high intelligence. Additionally, this nation is known world-wide as a beautiful vacation destination, thanks to its awe-inspiring landscapes, its stunning islands, its relaxed atmosphere, and beautiful beaches.

When we think about what dogs would be a great fit for a Greek name, we can think of strong, burly dogs with a dignified appearance: the Afghan Hound with its incredible looks, the Borzoi with its refined features, the Neapolitan Mastiff with its strong, imposing presence, or the Irish Setter with its sleek delicate appearance. Also, super smart dogs like the Border Collie, Poodle, German Shepherd, or Akita would carry a Greek philosopher name well. On the other hand, since Greece is also known for its beaches and party ambience, a fun dog like a Corgi or a Beagle would match this country’s vibe and suit a Greek name. 

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