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Naming your new best friend is a big important job, and you want to be sure that it is going to fit their personality or maybe their breed or color. No matter how you choose your furry friend’s name, it should be something you like because you will be using it for years. Your pooch will have to recognize it when you call them, and you may want it to be pretty unique so that when you call your dog at the dog park, you don’t end up with 20 dogs running to you. So, why not choose an Apache name?

Apache Dog Names in Pop Culture

Apache Dog Name Considerations

The Apache Indian Tribe started out in the Southwest desert areas like New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona and they were also known as the Southwest American Indians due to this. There were also some Plains Apache Tribe members in Oklahoma who still reside there. There are approximately 30 thousand Apache Tribe members living in the United States now. The Apache people are very talented in arts and crafts, making beautiful items from beads, glass, and turquoise. They are also known to make baskets, which is one of the oldest known forms of art for Apaches. 

So, why should you give your pup an Apache name? Well, they are noble, brave, and eternally loyal, which describes your dog and they have some pretty pawesome names too. Their names are powerful, beautiful, and have some great meanings behind them. Apache Indians kept dogs for many tasks such as sledding, guarding, retrieving, herding, hunting, and even as pets. They also used them to help carry their belongings when traveling. Some of today’s breeds that have Native American genes include the Siberian Husky, Xoloitzcuintli, Mackenzie River Husky, Labrador Husky, Alaskan Malamute, and even the Chihuahua. No matter what kind of dog you have and what reason you choose to give them an Apache name, we want to help. We found 60 of the top male and female Apache names and listed them here. 

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Community Dogs With Apache Names

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