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When Hulu announced that they would be adapting one of Marvel's most popular comic book series, fans rejoiced. Marvel promised us a Runaways movie but went suspiciously quiet in time. This made fans angry, but when they heard that the comic was slated to be released as a series, they all understood. Runaways is a fascinating story, but it would do much better in the form of a series. There is just too much material to cover, and we would not be satisfied with one movie. Thankfully, the show is good, very good. It is the show the comics deserved.

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Runaways Inspired Dog Name Considerations

The Runaways story began back in 2003 but was canceled after Marvel's failed Tsunami imprint. If you are a fan of Marvel comics, you will remember the saga. If not, just know that it was a very big deal. Runaways was canceled for a little bit, but the creator could not let such a good concept go to waste. With the new era of superhero movies and series joining our screens, it was only a matter of time before the comic was readapted for television audiences. 

Fans of the comics were skeptical at first, after all, Marvel doesn't have the best track record when it comes to television adaptations. Thankfully, the series surprised audiences by being fascinating, diverse and featured an incredible cast. As fans of the comics know, the story is so much more than your average teen drama. There are superpowers, villainous parents and a rich storyline that pulls you in. Your dog deserves a name that is part of that legacy. Whether you choose the name of your favorite character, the actor or actress that portrayed them, one of the many crossover characters, or a person who was involved with the project, your dog is getting the Runaways name that they deserve. 

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