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So you've chosen a new dog, a new member to the family and one who I am sure will keep you entertained. But what will you call him? It was hard enough to select the dog - it seems unfair just to choose one when you could have them all! But no doubt reason prevailed; whether you closed your eyes and took the first one you touched, or whether you 'scientifically' went through a list to choose, you now are the proud owner of the dog. But thinking of a name doesn't have to be difficult. There are many lists like this one to help you with your task. If you enjoy a certain type of music or sport, integrate that into your search. If you have a favorite place to visit, draw on ideas from this special place. One such location for many is New Zealand, a land of great beauty. Some things to remember are to decide on a New Zealand name that is easy to say, that you will enjoy for many years, and one that suits your dog best. Consider the color, size and personality of your dog as you check each name.  Whether you go for a simple name or a more exotic name, it is fine as long as it works for you and your dog. There is no wrong way, but do take time to consider it fully while you get to know your devoted new dog.

New Zealand Dog Names in Pop Culture

New Zealand Dog Name Considerations

There is a lot to consider when choosing a dog's name using the theme of New Zealand. You could base it on personality (Happy for a cheerful dog), looks (Bella if your dog is beautiful), or Chomper (for a dog with big tough teeth). You could consider a name after your dog's color, such as Red for a red dog, Honey for a soft golden colored pooch, and Jet for a black Labrador. When selecting a moniker that reminds you of New Zealand specifically you may want to honor the beauty of the terrain found there, the animal life, certain monuments or museums, or even a favorite food. When choosing a name though, make sure that it is one that you love, because you will be using it for many years. Decide on one that just rolls off your tongue. Nothing offensive please, and nothing too long to say otherwise your dog will lose patience while he waits for your instructions. Don't choose a name that can be confused with the commands that you train them with. May is sweet, but can sound like 'stay' to a dog. A dog called Malt could confuse the sound with 'halt'. You can see what I mean, sometimes training is hard enough without confusion over names and commands being part of the mix. Take your time, compile a list of possible New Zealand names, and try each name out on your dog. You will immediately know which ones work and what ones don't. Then it's just choosing the best one - simple isn't it?

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Community Dogs with New Zealand Names

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