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Toy Poodles are known for being extremely smart pets. They are also simply adorable with their diminutive size and larger than life personality. Finding a name that fits that gregarious personality can cause a headache, but it shouldn’t. Take the time to learn about the names you like research the history of the Toy Poodle. It may be that a French name is the ideal name for your new pooch, or a traditional small dog name is the best choice for your new Toy Poodle. Whatever you choose, make it fun, adorable and unique so your dog knows you are talking to him.

Toy Poodle Dog Names in Pop Culture

Toy Poodle Dog Name Considerations

The Toy Poodle is an extremely popular toy breed that is almost too smart for his own good. These trainable, happy toy dogs have been worming their way into the hearts of people all over the world. Finding a name for your new Toy Poodle should be a fun and exciting time for you. Since the Poodle originated in France, many people like to look for names that have French origins such as Beau or Colette. Other people think of more common, but still adorable, names for toy breed dogs such as Fifi or Lulu. When choosing a name for your new fur-baby, take into consideration the dogs in your neighborhood that your dog may become friends with and also dogs within your extended family. It would be very confusing for dogs that have the same name, or similar names, when they are called after playing together. Make a list of names that you like and have the rest of the family make a list. Combine the lists and then start a process of elimination. Get to know your new puppy and his personality. If he has a big personality, a big name such as Chauncey just might be the right fit.

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