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If you have brought a Norfolk Terrier into your home, then you are one lucky person. This fearless yet affectionate dog has an outgoing personality that will keep you entertained for hours. They may be small and cute, but they are also a bit mischievous. With their appealing scruffy wiry coat and beautiful dark eyes, you just know you have chosen a pet that will become a treasured friend. But the question is - what are you going to name this cute little beast? Sometimes the name we had in our head when searching for a pup doesn't suit the dog when we find the 'right' one. You then find yourself panicking about finding a name that adequately suits your dog. You want one that honors their loyalty, one that is easy to say, and one that you can be proud of. Well luckily for you, we have compiled a list of names just for the Norfolk Terrier. So sit back and have a read, and get ready to bestow your chosen name on your lively furball.

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Norfolk Terrier Dog Name Considerations

Once named, your dog will wear that name for life. Yes - you can alter a dog's name, but not without a lot of confusion! Imagine if your parents had suddenly renamed you. How long would it take to automatically respond when they called? That is why choosing a good name is so important. When you take your puppy home, you don't have to immediately give them a name. They will survive a few days as a nameless pup. This will give you time to see what type of nature they have. Are they a fearless ball of fur, or are they timid, perhaps a bit shy? Do they rush on into things, or do they consider it first? This can often give a clue as to what their character will be. The important thing is to choose a name that is easy to say, means something to you, and that you are happy to call out in public! The Norfolk Terrier will be your friend for life, so why not honor them with a beautiful name?
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