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The Caravan Hound is also known as the Mudhol Hound, Maratha Hound, and Pashmi Hound, and is a breed that was developed in India. This interesting sight hound is a common companion for villagers in Karnataka. They are frequently used for hunting and guarding the home. The Caravan Hound is a hard-working hound capable of performing in grueling conditions. Their stamina is unsurpassable and they need plenty of room to run. When properly socialized and trained, the Caravan Hound will become an unwaveringly loyal companion. With proper exercise, they do well in apartments or condos. However, if not given enough exercise, they will become problematic and destructive. 

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Caravan Hound Dog Name Considerations

The hardest part about the decision to add a Caravan Hound to your family will be the task of finding a breeder willing to import into the United States. There are no known Caravan Hound breeders in the United States. The best location to find a Caravan Hound puppy would be in its native India. It is costly to import a dog into the United States, but may be worth the headaches and hassle of going through the process if your heart is set on this noble sighthound. After you have brought home your new Caravan Hound, it will be time to start searching for the right name for them. Being a breed developed in India, you may decide to honor their heritage with a name that is steeped in Indian tradition. There is a surplus of India-inspired names to choose from, so take your time and make a list of the names that you like. Then, begin narrowing your list down as you get to know your new companion. Their antics will help you decide which name on your list is the best fit for them. For instance, a Caravan Hound that is showing the inclination to be a good guard dog could be named Fauja which means a good soldier or Birbal which means brave heart. No matter what name you ultimately decide on, have fun while you are coming up with the name and do not be afraid to be a little different, just like your new Caravan Hound.

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