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William Shakespeare was an English poet, playwright and actor and rose to fame as the most famous playwright in the world. His work has inspired many, even dog owners who can relate to his characters often name their beloved dogs after some of his plays or sonnets, ensuring his work lives on. It is never easy to pick a name for a dog, we all want the name to be original, suit the pet and mean something to us. Thankfully, if you are a Shakespeare fan, then due to the large volume of his work you have plenty of choice, whereby you can bestow a Shakespearean name with honor upon your chosen pet and new companion.

Shakespearean Dog Names in Pop Culture

Shakespearean Dog Name Considerations

 One thing to remember is the name has to be practical for your dog. Please don’t choose an offensive name for your companion – you don’t want a red face when you are yelling out your dog’s name to get him to come back to you! Likewise, you don’t want to have a tongue twister of a name when calling your dog as it just doesn’t work. While the catch phrase from the Lion King movie ‘Hukuna Matata’ sounds great, image calling out ‘Come here Hukuna Matata, here boy, Hukuna Matata would you get back here! Hmm, its okay, but not great. Another thing to consider is whether calling your new Great Dane by the name Tiny is a good choice. I guess it is kind of funny, but is not really describing your dog. It is like calling a white dog Blackie or Tar, or calling a black dog Snow or Ghost. Unless you have a warped sense of humor (which is fine, I am not judging) a name that suits your dog's color, appearance, size and temperament is best.

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Community Dogs with Shakespearean Names

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