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Finland is one of the most enchanting countries in the world with over 180,000 lakes, beautiful nature reserves, and hot saunas all over. It is also famous for its metal music scene, as well as the home of the prestigious Sibelius Academy, one of the best universities for classical music education in the world. Apart from this, Finland’s capital, Helsinki, is famous for another interesting fact – every Friday the 13th, up until October of 2017, the famous flight to HEL was scheduled, the last one was numbered 666. If you have decided to travel to Finland, or you just got back from the trip of a lifetime, you may consider a Finnish name for your precious little pup, and we’re here for it!

Finnish Dog Names in Pop Culture

Finnish Dog Name Considerations

If you managed not to become a puddle on the floor from melting because of Lennu’s cuteness, it is time to think about the possible names your lovely doggo will carry. First off, you can snag his actual name and give it to your doggo, especially if you own a Boston Terrier. Alternatively, you can name them Sauli, after Lennu’s owner, the Finnish president. Another great option is Suomi, an exciting name and actually, the word Finns use to refer to themselves, their country, and their language.

Or, you can let beautiful words be your inspiration. Take the Finnish word for wind for example – Tuuli. It can make a perfect name! Aurinko is an excellent moniker for a pup and also the Finnish word for sun. Tahti means star, and Rakkaus means love – both fantastic as dog names as well, especially if you are an owner of a mysteriously lovable doggo. If you want to name your pup Lovely, why not do that in Finnish and use the name Ihana? Or, you can always go the simple way and name your puppy Koira, which in Finnish means simply – dog.

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