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If you were once a young girl or boy who dreamed of visiting Neverland, there is a very good chance that you know who Tinker Bell is. The spunky little fairy with a blonde bun and pom-pom shoes is not a character that is easily forgotten. In fact, since her creation in 1953, Tinker Bell has gone from a simple role as merely Peter Pan's jealous sidekick, to being featured in Walt Disney's many other extravagant works; such as flying through the sky during Disney's firework shows at the Magic Castle and appearing in the Parade of Dreams. Tinker Bell has even made it so far as to have her own series of movies, which features Tinker Bell and her friends as they partake in a multitude of exciting adventures together! Along with beautiful art work, lovely music, and a list of lovable characters, the Tinker Bell films present a lot of thoughtful messages. Issues that children deal with often are addressed through the fun movies, such as honesty and learning to accept who you are for what makes you special.

Tinker Bell Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Tinker Bell Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Tinker Bell names are going to be perfect for those smaller breeds of dogs, such as Pomeranians and Papillons. Other breeds that may be the optimal candidates for a Tinker Bell name may be those that have large, delicate ears or long, flowing fur. In fact, there is one breed that we know and love today, (the Pembroke Corgi) that was actually said to have been faithful fairy steeds back in their homeland of Wales. This tale most likely came to exist due to the white markings that are commonly found on the Pembroke Corgi's back and shoulders, which somewhat resemble a saddle and harness. 

If you have a small, fairy-like dog with a big personality, you may choose to pick a Tinker Bell themed name; who knows, you may even choose the name Tinker Bell itself! A few other great options may be Bobble (who is a Tinker fairy from the Tinker Bell movie) for a male dog, or the name Vidia (a fast-flying fairy) for a sassy black-haired female that is constantly on the move. No matter which Tinker Bell name you decide to chose for your special furry friend, we are sure that it is going to be one that stays near and dear to your heart forever! What else can we expect from something that's as magical as the world of fairies? 

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