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If you’re looking to give your dog a famous golfer’s name, you’re most likely either a die-hard golfing fan or a golfer yourself. That or your dog has an incredible knack for putt-putt. Whatever the case is, giving your dog a famous golfer’s name is a great way to not only put together two of your favorite things but also give your dog a unique name and therefore add to their unique personality. If you’re serious about getting them into golf in some other fashion though, we don’t recommend letting your dog be your mobile ball-washer, as they tend to send their work back a bit slobbery, if they choose to return it at all. 

Famous Golfer Dog Names in Pop Culture

Famous Golfer Dog Name Considerations

There’s certainly a lot to consider when giving your dog a name, especially when it’s a famous golfer’s name and tailored to fit some aspect of their looks or personality. Of course, the simplest solution is to just name them after your favorite golfer, but for anyone looking to give them something a bit more unique and personalized to who they are, here are some tips.

A few elements that will help you generate good ideas and make a good selection are your dog’s breed type, overall looks, and the outstanding aspects of their character. For instance, in terms of breed type, if you have an Australian Cattle Dog, Karrie or Webb would be perfectly suitable, as Karrie Webb was one of Australia’s most famous and successful golfers. For the same reason, picking Taylor, Vardon or Braid for your English-based breed would work just as well - especially if they're Olde English.

Looks will work well too but are a bit tougher to find a good fit for, as many golfers had a relatively similar aesthetic across the board, being clean cut and only moderately in shape, both men and women. However, if your dog has shaggy, white or gray, unkempt hair, well, you might be in luck and at that point can take your pick of nearly half the list. 

Finally, personality can be a great way to pair your dog up with a famous golfer’s name as plenty of golfers were characters. If they go crazy after doing something good, Seve or Ballestreros would be great fits. If they have a hitch in their step like Lee Trevino’s swing, both his first and last name would work. Whatever you choose, make sure it suits both you and them with a fair amount of depth and thought — at least as much as you’d take analyzing how to get out of the rough and back into good position. 

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