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Some dogs, from birth, have regal natures and an unmistakable elegance about them.  Whether it is their fine looks or their calm composure, dog owners recognize such grace in their newly adopted puppy or dog and may choose a name that matches their dog's nature.  Naming a recently adopted dog is a significant event.  Your dog's name will be for life, and despite how cute and cuddly they look at pups, you may find yourself, years later, with a name that no longer fits.  However, when if you have an elegant dog with a regal air, you cannot go wrong with an equally sophisticated name.

Elegant Dog Names in Pop Culture

Elegant Dog Name Considerations

Elegant names are classic and timeless for dogs.  Almost any breed can bear a sophisticated name, provided the dog has a dignified air about them.  However, some breeds, no matter what their composure, have a naturally elegant look.  Many times, the most elegant of dogs have similar features, such as long, thin muzzles and flowing hair.  Breeds such as the Afghan Hound, the Irish Setter, and the Saluki match these descriptions with their tall, thin-legged builds and graceful curves.  These breeds have long thin muzzles and hair that falls long down their ears.  Other breeds that carry themselves elegantly are the Greyhounds, Great Danes, Pharaohs, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and Dobermans.  All of these dogs have similar features in common, including a sleek shape with a broad chest curving into a shapely abdomen.  They also have long, thin legs that are built for speed.  These breeds have a gentle expression and more often than not, have long, thin muzzles.  Dogs may be considered elegant even when they do not possess the more regal looks of their Hound cousins.  Dog owners will quickly detect a calm and composed nature even in puppies.  They sit quietly with their heads held high rather than tumble and barrel around like other puppies or dogs.  Any dog with a sophisticated disposition can enjoy an elegant name including the most tenacious of breeds, but only if they carry themselves with an air that sets them apart.
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