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The Teddy Roosevelt Terrier or TRT is a short legged, tenacious terrier that loves life. He is energetic and devoted to his family. The TRT needs a name that accurately defines his larger than life personality as well as his love for his family and home. TRTs are known for their high energy and a name that is fun, short and energetic is a perfect compliment. Coming up with a name that fits your new Teddy Roosevelt Terrier and is unique to other dogs in your neighborhood should not be a difficult task. Take your time and get to know your new baby before deciding on his name. 

Teddy Roosevelt Terrier Dog Names in Pop Culture

Teddy Roosevelt Terrier Dog Name Considerations

The Teddy Roosevelt Terrier is known for his ability to mimic a natural disaster and leave destruction in his wake. Therefore, a name such as Chaos or Hurricane would let everyone know that a little terror is coming their way! When deciding on a name for your TRT, think about his personality and his stature. A name that brings images of an impish pooch may be ideal if your puppy loves to get into trouble and terrorize the house. Sometimes terriers have an odd habit that makes you laugh; maybe you can play off that habit and come up with a name that honors his oddity. There may even be some TRTs that inspire you to play on famous names. A popular namesake for a terrier is Ivan after Ivan the Terrible, but people spin it around and call their pup Ivan the Terrier. When discussing name choices with your family, you may want to consider some general rules such as picking a name that does not sound like a basic obedience command, a short name and a name that grabs your pup’s attention quickly. Give yourself time to get to know your new puppy and talk over names with the rest of the family before finalizing your decision. 

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