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There are many methods that people can employ when attempting to find the perfect name for their new pet. Some people may choose names from books or movies while others may choose to focus on the dog’s appearance or temperament and narrow it down from there. Some pet parents may choose to start their search with a certain set of letters such as the letters "c" and "h". The consonant cluster of "ch" is particularly flexible as a beginning or an ending name choice as it has multiple phonetic pronunciations. The most common pronunciation is the "ch" sound like you would hear at the beginning of chair or chicken, but in words like chef or chute the sound mimics the "sh" sound, and in chord and chemist the "k" sound is used. 

Dog Names that Start with 'Ch' in Pop Culture

Dog Names that Start with 'Ch' Considerations

Picking a suitable name for your canine companion is a fun but important part of getting your new pet situated. Choosing a suitable name from names that start with the letter "c" and "h" gives you several options as well as several effective methods for pinpointing exactly the right name for your dog. Some of these names may be based on appearance, such as a black dog named Charno or Charcoal, and Chiquita as a name for a very small one. Other people may be more influenced by the unique personality of their specific animal, dubbing a dog with a spicy personality Chili, a sweet one Cherry, and even Chutney for the dog with a little bit of both. 

If your dog spent several hours under the bed when you first got home or prefers their crate to all other places, perhaps Chori, meaning cave-dweller, is the perfect fit for them while that ever busy Terrier may be more suited to the moniker Chapa, meaning beaver. Many canines will live their lives as happy companions with no job other than to bring their owners joy. Many have jobs that they have been chosen for and these jobs can also be a great source of inspiration, leading to names like Chase for a herding dog, Chessa for a therapy dog, or Chimali for a watchdog.  

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