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Mirror Mirror is a fun new take on the classic Snow White story, played out as a 2012 American fantasy adventure film. The film follows along the same line as the classic – with an evil stepmother, an enchanted mirror, and dwarves, but different actors are playing the characters with new names.

It’s hard not to develop a passion for this film because it’s an amusing rendition of an old classic. It can be all too easy to recreate something and destroy it in the making. That’s why you may be one of the thousands who seek to find the perfect Mirror Mirror inspired dog names for your new family addition. Any of these options below could be worth a closer look. 

Mirror Mirror Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Mirror Mirror Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Before you fall head over heels in love with a few Mirror Mirror inspired dog names, create yourself a checklist. If the name doesn’t tick all the boxes for each category, it might not be good enough for your pooch. It needs to have an appropriate meaning, suit their personality, be gender-suitable, and it also helps if it’s ideal for their breed too.

When it comes to gender, not all Mirror Mirror inspired dog names are unisex. Prince, for example, is ideal for a male dog but less so for a female. Snow is unisex, and Clementianna (even though it’s a mouthful) is a female dog name.

Your dog’s personality could easily play a part too. If your dog is a little bit sassy, devious, and self-loving, then the evil stepmother’s character Clementianna (or Clemence for short) may be an excellent choice. Alternatively, if they are always hungry and messy with it, then Grub, one of the seven dwarves’ names could tick all the boxes too.

Relating a name to your dog’s breed is trickier, but if you have a Neapolitan Mastiff, Napoleon is a fun play on words, while also being a dog in pop culture and a Mirror Mirror character. 

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Community Dogs With Mirror Mirror Inspired Names

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