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Whether you are infatuated with Pocahontas the real person or Pocahontas the Disney princess, there are a wealth of names associated with both that would be excellent ideas for the newest addition to your family. Puppies tend to help their owners find the right name, however, if you are looking for a Pocahontas inspired name look closely at meanings of names that may fit with their personality. There are several names that are one of kind names such as Pochins or Matachanna that nobody else in your neighborhood or family would have to cause confusion during play dates. There are also more common names that would show your love for the Disney princess such as Percy or Flit. 

Pocahontas Dog Names in Pop Culture

Pocahontas Dog Name Considerations

Pocahontas was a Native American woman most famous for the story of John Smith and the Jamestown settlement. Aside from being the only Native American Disney princess, Pocahontas was a real person who lived from around 1596 to 1617. Her father was the paramount chief of a group of tribal nations located in the Tidewater region of Virginia. Disney essentially made her immortal when they portrayed her in their 1995 animated film. The reality of Pocahontas’s life was much different from the movie and many historians did not appreciate Disney’s version. So whether you are a fan of Disney’s movie or the real person, there are several interesting and fun names that can honor both and give your new puppy a name that not many other dogs would have. Finding a name that is not overly popular is a good idea especially if you plan on visiting dog parks or going to training classes where having the same name as another dog can quickly become confusing. When choosing a name have the whole family give their input so you know that everyone is on board not just for the name but also the responsibility of a new puppy in the home. 

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