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The Azawakh is an elegant West African sighthound that makes an excellent companion. Being a sighthound, they do excel at lure coursing and can run for great distances without tiring; therefore they do need a fenced yard to keep them contained. They are rather tall, lanky, and leggy making them look fragile, but they are tough hunters willing to give chase to anything that catches their eye. The Azawakh is a rare breed and there are only a few within the United States. If you are lucky enough to find an Azawakh breeder, plan on being on a waiting list for a puppy for a while.

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Azawakh Dog Name Considerations

Finding an Azawakh within the United States will be difficult even though they have now been included in the American Kennel Club’s Foundation Stock Service (AKC FSS). The American Azawakh Association is the AKC parent club and offers a small list of breeders. However, good breeders will not breed for quantity and therefore, you can expect to be waiting for a puppy for a while. While you are waiting for your new puppy to arrive, you can start making a list of potential names. Since the Azawakh is a West African breed, looking for names from that region, or even Africa in general, may be a good place to start. Once your list is compiled, pay attention to the pronunciation of each name and cross off any that you think will be difficult for younger family members to properly pronounce. Also, mark off any names that sound similar to dogs that live nearby or other dogs in the family. Names that sound similar can cause confusion and that is something you want to avoid. Do not settle on your new Azawakh puppy’s name until you have actually met them. Their personality will help you decide which name makes the final cut! 

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