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When you first get a puppy everyone wants to know more about him. What toys did you get? How about a bed? Is the dog active, or more of a sleeper? What's his name? About that... not everyone rushes into selecting a name for their dog. Sure, it's important that your dog have a name for the sake of training and social situations.  

But there's nothing worse than picking the wrong name. So instead of fretting over not having a name just yet, focus on brainstorming and taking your time. Take a few days to note his personality, the things he loves to do, and the actions he takes that make you smile. Make a list of names that you like. If you don't have a single idea, here are some fabulous names that start with Z that may help. 

Dog Names That Start With Z in Pop Culture

Dog Names that Start with Z Considerations

Contrary to popular belief, it's normal and even encouraged to not have a name picked out for your dog right away. Reason being, you don't really know your dog when you first get him. Just like when you meet a new person, there's an adjustment period where you get to know the person. What they like, what they find interesting, and what they dislike. 

And taking that time is crucial. Taking the time to go out for walks with your dog, to play, to bond and really get down to the core of his personality. Because, unlike what most people think, all animals have their own personalities, much like humans. All animals are unique, with their own vibrant traits and characteristics. Their own way of reacting to things or even just having fun. 

Some things to consider while hanging out with your dog are appearance, likes, dislikes, breed, breed history, potential name meanings, temper, and reactions to other animals and people. All of these things can tell you so much more about your dog, and they're all valuable sources of inspiration. So don't feel bad about not having a name yet! It's a good thing. Now get to playing with your new dog! 

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