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If you are blessed with sharing your life with a furry canine, then you might consider it fate that brought you and your pooch together. Sometimes, when you have the perfect dog, it feels like things were just meant to be. The fit between you and your canine might be flawless. If you have a great relationship with your pooch then why not consider tagging your buddy with a moniker that reflects the hands of fate that brought you both together?

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Dog Name Meaning Fate Considerations

Unfortunately, modern dogs are far removed from their ancient wild ancestors who knew how to survive and live off the land. Thousands of years of domestication have weakened dogs in many ways and made them less self-reliant. Modern dogs live their lives almost wholly dependent on humans for survival. Yes, there are strays, but such dogs rarely survive for long alone. Most will succumb to starvation, an auto accident, or disease without the care of a human. Many end up in animal shelters around the country where they await their fate. Homeless dogs might be adopted by a loving family or face euthanasia due to pet overpopulation. 

The life of a homeless dog is rough and depends on fate. Perhaps a canine will find a loving home, or maybe they will face an untimely demise. However, when you adopt a dog and invite the animal into your family, then something magical happens. Your dog becomes a member of your family and looks to you for care. Yes, the attention of your canine can be a daunting responsibility, but it can also be gratifying. Having your furry friend by your side to share in all of life's experiences with you is magical. Together, your fates become intertwined as a real family, and you form a symbiotic relationship. Undoubtedly, your dog gives you unconditional love and a reason to get up every morning. 

When considering a name, think of what fate means. Fortune and luck are often part of the package. Titles such as Felix, Asher, Fausta and Dalia all reference fate. Maybe one of these names is the right one for your dog!

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