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The Carpathian Sheepdog is a natural watchdog. They are known by several different names including Romanian Shepherd Dog, Carpathian Shepherd Dog, Rumania Sheepdog, and Carpatin, depending on the region in Romania. The Carpathian Sheepdog is devoted to their flock and family and will maintain their vigil over fields and home to ensure no predators can approach unnoticed. They are a large breed and do require significant socialization and training to ensure they understand their role within your home, otherwise they will try to snare the top dog position and rule the home. The Carpathian Sheepdog does well with children as long as they are respected and the children understand boundaries set to keep both dog and child safe. 

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Carpathian Sheepdog Dog Name Considerations

Be sure to fully research the Carpathian Sheepdog before you decide this will be your next family companion. While they are similar to other livestock guardian dogs, most have not become accustomed to their new role as strictly a companion dog; they will still have a strong instinct to herd and protect. Being a rare breed, you will have a hard time finding a Carpathian Sheepdog within the United States, but you can import a puppy directly from Romania if you have your heart set on one. Once you have made the arrangements to bring your new puppy home, it is time to puppy-proof your home and start thinking of names for your new, rather large, bundle of joy. Being from the Carpathian Mountains, you may want to look up interesting and exotic Romanian names that would be easy for everyone in the family to pronounce but still showcase your dog’s origins. Do not pick the final name until you actually meet your new Carpathian Sheepdog puppy. Their personality will help you pick the name that best suits them. Be creative and have fun with the entire naming process. No matter what name you do ultimately decide on, remember this is a life-long commitment you are making to this large puppy.

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