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If you are looking for an upbeat and happy sounding name, then those that end in "ji" are definitely some to consider. These letters together make a skipping, lilting sound that brings to mind energetic little dogs or large dogs that always seem to be smiling. Whatever the reason may be for you to consider a "ji" name, there is no doubt that it will end up being a memorable choice since there aren't many common names that end with these particular letters. So settle down with a movie (perhaps Jumanji) and start the journey of choosing the perfect name.

Dog Names Ending in 'ji' in Pop Culture

Dog Name Ending in 'ji' Considerations

Personality and size are going to be the two most common factors when it comes to deciding on whether or not a "ji" ending name may be a good fit for your pet. Due to the fact that these names come from all over the globe and many of them can be applied to any kind of breed, there is no real distinction on dogs that would fit based on origin or breed type alone. Because of this, you can have fun choosing a name based on what your new friend is really like! For instance, if you have a small, rather quiet, black dog that is loyal and somewhat stubborn, than the name Jiji may be a great option (as this represents a companion of Kiki's from Kiki's Delivery Service).  On the other hand, if you have a large to medium sized dog that is rather mischievous or naughty, then the name Jumanji may be one to consider, as this represents the movies and game Jumanji where a board game comes to life and brings lots of trouble with it (as well as some good lessons to learn). The names on this list are fun and unique, so enjoy exploring!
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