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People that are history enthusiasts will probably like the idea of having their newest family member named after a historical figure or event. War buffs may even jump at the chance to name their new puppy after a specific war or battle. With World War II still being considered by many the war to end all wars, it is only natural that a history buff would search for a name that inspires people to think of that time period and the adversity that one particular race endured. New artillery was unveiled during this war and new heroes emerged creating a plethora of names to choose from. 

WWII Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

WWII Inspired Dog Name Considerations

It might seem a little daunting to find just the right name for your newest family member. Many people compare the stress and responsibility of it with naming their human children. History buffs will naturally move towards picking a name that has significance in history. A World War II history buff might investigate the possibility of naming their new pup after one of the famous aircraft that were employed during the war. This was the war where aircraft became a more impressive tool for combat and there were many planes that were “Bombers”. This can make a great name for a dog. It is generic enough that a dog of any shape, size or color could fit. 

A name like Torpedo will suit a dog that moves fast whether they be large or small, perhaps a Greyhound or a Dachshund. A person may look to name their puppy after a famous dog like Chips or Smoky. A large dog named after Chips might seem more expected whereas a smaller dog, either male or female, would be more appropriate for the name Smoky. While it may seem confusing coming up with a new name for your puppy, take into consideration their personality, size and activity level, many times they will help you find just the right name.

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Hitler's name story for WWII Inspired Dog Names
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hates jews

hitler is just a cool name

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