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If there was any question about there being a relationship between poetry and dogs, one would need to look no further than the greats, as many had close bonds with their canine companions. Elizabeth Barrett Browning (and Virginia Woolf eventually by proxy) had her dog Flush, Thomas Hardy had Wessex, and countless others including Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Rudyard Kipling, and Matthew Arnold all had personal experiences with dogs that influenced their work at one point or another. Luckily for you, you don’t have to be a famous poet to enjoy that kind of association or relationship. If you name your dog after one of the greats, you’ll solidify and consolidate both your love for your pet and for poetry or your favorite poet all in one place. 

Dogs with Famous Poet Names in Pop Culture

Famous Poet Dog Name Considerations

Considerations for giving your dog a famous poet’s name are as far and wide as the genre itself. History has seen them come from all over the world and cover nearly every topic known to humankind. Because of it, there are an absolute ton of possibilities, so don’t forget to consider every possible aspect to match your dog with the perfect name, including their breed type, origin, looks, or even personality. 

For instance, if you have a Dachshund with a particularly strong waddle in his step, any combination of Henry, Wadsworth, and Longfellow would be perfectly suitable. For similar reasons, a Sheltie mix who loves kids and has any grey or silver in their coat would be the perfect candidate for the name Shel, after Shel Silverstein — especially if you get clever and instead make it short for Sheltie Silverstein. 

Of course, you can always get more simple than that. If you are a diehard Elizabeth Barrett Browning fan, you could go with Barrett or even Flush, the name of her Cocker Spaniel — although it would be especially poignant if they also knew how to use a traditional toilet.

Do your best not to limit yourself. There are plenty of choices even beyond the names of famous poets themselves. You could even delve into your favorite works like naming your dog Raven after Edgar Allen Poe’s famous piece, Woods after Robert Frost’s Stopping by a Woods on a Snowy Evening, Captain after Whitman’s O Captain! or even Tyger after William Blake’s Songs of Experience. We’ve mostly kept it to the names themselves here, but we wouldn’t truly be advocating creativity unless we really opened the door. So think hard, have fun, and help your dog become as timeless in image and name as those the greats have written about. 

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