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Nowadays, choosing a name for your dog can be complicated. On the surface, it seems like it is such a simple concept. However, as you scroll through online sites suggesting great ideas for dog names, sometimes you cannot help but get stressed from picking only one from such a vast range of options. Back in the 5th century, when English people started speaking Old English, choosing a name for dogs was simple. They do not stress too much; they keep it uncomplicated and simply just choose an Old English name. You can do the same, too! We have a list of great Old English names that you may find suitable for your dog.

Old English Dog Names in Pop Culture

Old English Dog Name Considerations

At present times, anything under the sun can practically be used as an inspiration for a name. Whenever we acquire a new dog, we get overly excited about giving it a name. This choosing and giving of a name is a step towards building a bond with your new pooch. More often than not, we resort to the internet for help. The only problem is that we end up getting bombarded with countless names. Since the English language has evolved so much, the range of ideas got so much bigger. There are way too many great ideas that even narrowing down your options is difficult. Sometimes, it gets really overwhelming that we feel a little bit of stress start to kick in. Because of this, some dog owners resort to simple and uncomplicated names. If you’re one of these people, you may want to choose an Old English name for your dog.

Old English is the very first form of English language known in history. The existence of this language can be traced back to the 5th century, a period of time where names were simply just names. So if you’re looking to name your dog with a name from the Old English era, you simply just have to choose from a selection. You no longer have to take many factors into account. You don’t have to consider your dog’s breed, gender, size, coat-color, or personalities anymore. Just pick a name that you feel sounds good for your dog and you’re good to go!  Few of the many great Old English names are Buck and Beckett for male dogs and Audrey and Blythe for female dogs.

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