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When it comes to animated movies, there is no one in the industry that does it better than Pixar Animation Studios. They have released multiple animated films throughout the course of over two decades, all of which have gone on to become huge box-office successes. One of their most critically and commercially successful films is the 2009 adventure film entitled Up. The plot of the movie is focused on Carl Fredricksen, an elderly man who lives alone, and Russell, a good-natured boy scout. Carl wants to fulfill the adventure that he promised to his late wife, Ellie, and Russell was accidentally brought along for the ride. Opening at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival (the first animated film to do so), Up was met with critical acclaim and commended the storyline and humor of the film. It also received a Best Picture nomination at the 2009 Academy Awards, being only the second animated movie to ever receive this prestigious nomination (the other one being Beauty and the Beast). 

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Up Dog Name Considerations

Disney films are some of the most common sources of inspiration for pet names. Aside from the fact that these films spawned several memorable characters, they commonly feature animals as part of their storylines as well. This is also the case with the movie Up; the film has been praised not only for its lighthearted humor but also for the development of its characters.

If you want to give an Up-inspired name for your pooch, there are a handful of ways to narrow down your options. The easiest route would be to choose a name based on your personal preference. Do you have a favorite character from the film? You can simply use this as basis for your pooch’s new name. For instance, if you are partial to Carl Fredricksen, then you can name your furbaby after him.

Another consideration you can make when thinking of an Up­-themed name is to match a character with your dog’s attributes. If you have a kind-hearted pooch with a streak of stubbornness, then the name Russell (after the spirited boy scout in the movie) will suit them well. Or maybe you have a playful and social Golden Retriever? If so, you can name them after the “Dug”, the Golden Retriever from the film with the same characteristics.

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