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“Saving Grace” is a television show on TNT that ran from July 23, 2007, until June 21, 2010. This gritty crime drama examines the life of Grace Hanadarko, who is an Oklahoma City Police Officer but is also an alcoholic who cannot stay out of trouble. She has a guardian angel named Earl who shows up whenever she needs him and sometimes when she doesn’t. She also has a dog named Gus, who some think is actually supposed to be Jesus Christ. Gus is an adorable American Bulldog who had his own groupies that love him both on and off the show.

Saving Grace Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Saving Grace Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Finding the furfect name for your canine kid should be a fun job, not a chore. But you should take your time and make sure it fits your poochie well because they will be with you for a long time. Some pet owners choose a name before they even get a dog just like we choose our children’s names before they are born. However, it makes more sense to spend some time with them first. Watch your pupster and look for silly habits or quirks that may spark an idea for the best moniker for your doggo. 

Keeping with the “Saving Grace” theme, you can find some pawsitively adorable dog names in the character list or the actors who play them. Some of these include Bailey, who plays Butch, which is also a great name for a pooch, Ernie, who plays Ham’s father, and Camillia, who plays Marissa Stillwater. There are also some terrific police-related names that would be awesome titles for your doggo such as Captain, Chief, Lieutenant, and Popo, which is a slang name for a police officer. Grace and Angel are both excellent names for female canine kids and Malaika, which means angel in Swahili would be cute as well. Here are some of our favorites. 

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