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Turkey is a beautiful country split between Europe and Asia, with most of its territory on the Asian continent, and a small portion on the Balkan Peninsula. Turkey is the home of one of the most interesting cities in the world, the iconic Istanbul, which is located on the Bosphorus, and it is also split between Europe and Asia. The rich history of this country is astonishing, and the former Ottoman Empire was one of the greatest forces in the world at the time, spanning over vast territories and lasting for many hundreds of years. Turkey is indeed a fascinating country, and choosing it as the inspiration for your pup’s name will bring many unique monikers and interesting names that will surely be a conversation starter in your dog park. 

Turkish Dog Names in Pop Culture

Turkish Dog Name Considerations

Since Turkey has rich culture and fascinating history, finding the perfect name for your doggo inspired by this amazing country will be as easy as a walk in the park (with your dog of course). Turkey draws influence from its Asian side and the Middle East, as well as from its European side, so it is considered to be very colorful when it comes to culture and name conventions. However, some of the most popular names in Turkey can be new monikers for your dog. For example, one of the most common choices is the name Cem, pronounced as Jem, and it is a perfect name for a dashing doggo, tall, dark and handsome gentleman that breaks hearts wherever he goes. Another popular choice is Alim, which means wise and scholarly, a perfect name for a smart doggo.

For a gorgeous princess with beautiful eyes, the name Ahu is just perfect, as it literally means beautiful eyes in Turkish. For a fierce pup, the name Alev is amazing, as the name means flame, and for a dreamer, a creative doggo, and a little artist, the name Asuman is a solid choice, as it means sky or heaven in Turkish. Another amazing option for a dashing doggo is Cemal, which means perfection of God and beauty, and for a kind pupperino, pick the name Cemil, since it translates to kindness and friendliness.

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