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Louisiana - the state is home to only 4.48 million people, but the state is as unique as any! Parts of Louisiana are conservative and traditional; other parts of the state shut down early on Fridays during the warmer months and literally party in the streets. All over Louisiana there is a sense of "Laissez bon temps rouler" - let the good times roll. Favorite pastimes of the state include hunting for deer, wild boar, and gator. Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico is always an experience. A great deal of the state's income relies on shrimping and crawfishing. The dog is a constant companion whether Louisiana residents are fishing or hunting; they may also be simple companions. Chances are, the dogs are as unique as their owners.

Louisiana Dog Names in Pop Culture

Louisiana Dog Name Considerations

While any type of dog is at home in the state of Louisiana, the Catahoula Leopard is the state dog of Louisiana (this dog is often referred to as a Catahoula Cur dog). This dog is named after Catahoula Parish (Louisiana refers to their counties as parishes). He is a cattle dog at heart, but he is also adept at hunting wild boar. He represents Louisianans' great love of the outdoors. 

The most popular dogs in Louisiana are as diverse as the people. From the Labrador Retriever (number 1) to the French Bulldog (number 10), the main purpose of Louisiana dogs is companionship. Hunting and outdoor activities rank high on pastimes in Louisiana, but natives of the state also enjoy celebrating festivals, hanging out at jazz clubs, and cooking (eating ranks equally high!). Louisianans can attribute their history to dozens of cultures - German, Cuban, French, African, West Indian, to name a few. 

Among other favorite dogs in the state of Louisiana are Yorkshire Terriers and Poodles, juxtaposed with the Golden Retriever. Even more diverse is the Rottweiler and Boxer. Bulldogs of all types are popular in Louisiana. With all the diversity in Louisiana, it is easy to choose a name which is as unique as the state itself. 

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Community Dogs with Louisiana Names

Grace's name story for Louisiana Dog Names
Pit Bull
Loudonville, OH

So every time I let her out my house she goes in the mud.... it’s kinda ag because I have to take her like 2 baths a day.... if someone can help I could love that

Boudin's name story for Louisiana Dog Names
Harahan, LA

When my dog was a puppy, he was fat like a little sausage, therefore we chose the name Boudin. We wanted a Cajun name!

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