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The Da Vinci Code is an insanely popular novel in the mystery/thriller genre published in 2003 and written by Dan Brown. The book follows the story of Robert Langdon, a “symbologist” and a professor of the history of art at Harvard University, and the cryptologist Sophie Neveu. The two of them are involved in the battle between Opus Dei and the Priory of Sion after the murder in the Louvre Museum, as they try to prove that Mary Magdalene was a companion of Jesus Christ. The novel explores the themes of alternative religious history, the central point of which is the holy grail and the theory that the Merovingian kings of France were descendants of Jesus Christ’s bloodline.

The Da Vinci Code Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Da Vinci Code Inspired Dog Name Considerations

The Da Vinci Code was insanely popular back in the day. Everyone and their mother read the book, read the “sequel” called Angels and Demons, and watched the movie starring Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou. Many children got their names after one of the characters from the story, so no reason why you couldn’t name your dog after them. You can start with the name of the author who wrote the story, Dan Brown, whose name is perfect for a brown doggo. The main character, Robert Langdon, has a fantastic name for a serious doggo who also happens to be the lover of arts. Just pay attention and see how much your pup loves creating art installations out of slippers, pillows, and an occasional couch cushion!

Sophie, after Robert’s companion and the French National Police cryptographer Sophie Neveu Saint-Clair, the granddaughter of Jaques Saunière, also has an amazing name that your pup can proudly wear and show off their French heritage. Even better if the pup is a French Bulldog! Jean-Pierre Marielle is a French actor who played the role of Jacques Saunière, and Eglantine Rembauville-Nicolle is an actress who portrayed the student in the movie.

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