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Science fiction, which sometimes extends to include certain fantasy novelization, is a popular genre among readers.  The canon can be extensive and one's depth of knowledge is often a measurement of how true a fan they are.  Consider the Star Trek phenomenon.  Fans of this science fiction series range from the casual viewers to the convention-going Trekkies.  The same is true for Star Wars or other series.  Many times, people who feel a deep connection to the stories, characters, and experiences of their favorite science fiction dramatization, be it books, movies, shows, or a combination of all, are inspired to name their new puppy or dog a character or term from this deep interest.

Science Fiction Dog Names in Pop Culture

Science Fiction Dog Name Considerations

Dog owners can have a lot of fun with science fiction related names, whether from their favorite books or movies, or shows.  Dogs of any breed, color, or size can fit into this category as well but some considerations for breed, color, and size should also be taken when choosing a science fiction based name.  Science fiction is full of heroes and villains.  Within those two categories, the range of dispositions go from light-hearted to dark heroes and redeemed villains to the truly evil.  Consider Rey and Kylo, two characters from the Star Wars universe.  Rey, like her name sounds, represents the light and would be a perfect name for a light-colored dog.  Kylo, on the other hand, is dark and might better suit a dark colored dog, especially one with a sleek, silky look, like a Doberman Pinscher.  Other considerations might be the type of character traits of the science fiction name.  For instance, naming a Basset Hound Flash does not quite fit, given Flash Gordon is so fast.
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