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Ever since you were a kid you had a dream, a dream of having a dog best friend! Now that dream is a reality and you have a brand new furry friend to make your life sweet and full of happiness. It is only appropriate to name your pup in a way of showing how long you have longed for them. We love our dogs, and what better way to show that love than to give them a name which signifies exactly what we were doing all our lives before they came into this world – dreaming of someday meeting them!

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Dog Name Meaning Dream Considerations

Coming up with a dreamy name for your new pup can be a lot of fun! Have you ever had a lucid dream? Have you ever flown over the city, over the rivers, across the seas, and into the magical realms? If so, why not honor those moments by naming your cute new dog Lucy? Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – a song by the Beatles, claimed to be inspired by Alice in Wonderland, another pretty dreamlike novel (and a cartoon!).

When choosing a name with the meaning “dream” for your new dog, you do not have to limit yourself to the etymology. Think about notable characters from movies who somehow ended up in a dream world, whose dreams were important to the plot, or, think about your own dreams! Who appeared in one of your sleeping adventures and left an impact? This way, the name of your dog will probably bear the name of a person you know, making your connection even stronger, and paying an homage to them (plus, dogs with human names are the best!).

If you are looking for an exotic name for a Saluki or a Pharaoh hound, you might opt for an Egyptian name Ialu, appropriately meaning “field of dreams”.

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