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Spy themes in pop culture have fascinated and entertained us for years.  There is something mysterious and intriguing about the profession that society romanticizes.  Famous spy characters, such as 007 James Bond and Jason Bourne entertain us with movies and novels spanning decades.  Other television and movie spies series, like Get Smart and Austin Powers, add humor to the profession.  Choosing a dog's name that refers to this theme is not uncommon and gives dog owners the opportunity to chuckle about and appreciate the spy pop culture.

Spy Dog Names in Pop Culture

Spy Dog Name Considerations

The spy culture theme is a fun one for naming a dog.  Dog owners can get creative with main character names or the ladies who love them.  Villains are also an excellent source of inspiration for the spy theme.  Like many other dog naming themes, considering the character, appearance, and disposition of spy characters plays a role in selecting a dog's name.  Dog owners want to consider the temperament, size, color, and breed of their dogs when choosing a well-fitting name.  For example, one of the most famous henchmen in spy pop culture history is Jaws from the James Bond movies.  Jaws was aptly named for his deadly strong grill, which consisted of razor-sharp steel teeth.  Considering the strength of his jaw and the raw, biting power, owners of strong-jawed dogs, like the English Mastiff, the Wolfdog, and the Rottweiler might find the name appropriate.  Luckily, the henchman's name is not associated with too much evil, and Jaws is considered a Bond favorite among fans.  The character Jaws, to his credit, was redeemed in the Bond series, making him a good guy, in the end, making this a perfectly appropriate name for a strong-jawed pup.
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Community Dogs with Spy Names

Dallas's name story for Spy Dog Names
Pit Bull
Arkansas City, AR

Dallas mean that he like to play around and catch things like to eat and like to drink

Fangette's name story for Spy Dog Names
King Charles Spaniel
Tulsa, OK

Fangette is a female pseudonym of "Fang" From Get Smart

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