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Roller sports may not have the tenure of more traditional sports, but they certainly have a cult following few others in the world come close to. Though it took two rounds of popularity to really catch fire, the headliner of roller sports, roller derby, has been a major outlet for amateur players all over the world and with it, developed its own culture and lexicon. Through a glossary of sport-specific terminology and a titling technique that has more fun than nearly any other, it has provided some of the greatest names the world of sports has ever known, all of which are perfect for dog-naming fodder.

Roller Sport Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Roller Sport Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Attempting to come up with an appropriate roller sport inspired name for your dog can be tricky business. Our best suggestion is to start by compiling a list of your dog’s most defining traits to use as a shortcut. 

One direction you could take would be naming your dog after one of the sport’s greats, specifically one that shares similar characteristics. If you have a dog with golden hair and or is tough as nails, then the names Blonde, Bomber, Golden, Amazon or Weston, after the “Roller Derby Queen” Joan Weston, would all be perfectly suitable. If they’re particularly small but are tough or have a feisty personality, the names Midge or Toughie would work just as well.

Naming them after roller sport terminology is an option as well. If they’re super fast, the names Hotlap, Abec and Bearing would all be decent fits. For dogs that always seem to play a certain role when interacting with other dogs, such as bumping into them or racing away, then the names Blocker, Jammer and Pivot would all be good fits, depending on their style. 

There are numerous ways to go, so be creative and keep your options open until you roll your way to a winner.

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