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Is your new pooch outgoing and fearless?  If so, then you might want to consider naming him something that shows how tough he really is. A moniker that reflects his warrior spirit is sure to be the perfect fit. Many dogs throughout history have been true warriors and have fought bravely beside their owners. Since ancient times mankind has entered battlefields with canines. They have been used as trackers, sentries, and scouts. Even today, dogs are still commonly used in modern warfare.

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Throughout history, virtually every civilization has used warrior dogs in battle. One of the earliest documented incidents of great leaders using warrior dogs to fight was Attila the Hun who utilized molosser dogs to battle the enemy. The Spanish Conquistadors often used armored dogs to guard their caravans and fight off natives. Far Eastern leader Le Loi had 100 warrior hounds who fought beside his regiments. Even Napoleon turned to canines during his campaigns and to protect France when the army was away.

In ancient times, warrior canines were often large Mastiff-type dogs. The strength and the biting ability of the dogs were well respected and feared by the enemy.  They commonly wore armor and spiked collars for added protection when in battle. A tough, fearless pup may suit a warrior name.

The United States military first started employing canines in battle during the Seminole Wars with the Native Americans. In the Civil War, they were also utilized as scouts, messengers, and on the field as fighters. General Grant is rumored to have killed hundreds of bloodhounds to prevent the Confederate troops from using them to track.

Nowadays, canines are regularly used by the military and law enforcement to serve a variety of job functions. They are on the front lines on the battlefield, used for bomb detection, illegal drug searches, search and rescue, cadaver recovery, and in many other capacities. They do innumerable jobs for humans that regularly put their lives at risk. However, despite the dangers, canines are reliable and highly intelligent so a true asset.  Dogs have become true warriors. If your clever canine is to be looked up to, consider a name befitting a little warrior.

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He looks like a bear and I thought the name would fit him

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