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While baseball has had numerous variations upon the game’s inception, the game we know now became established in the United States in the mid-1850’s, a time at which the game was referred to as the “national pastime”. The National League was founded in 1876 and in 1887 softball was invented. Called “indoor baseball”, softball was an indoor version of the game. With all modern rules of the game established by 1901, the game continued to increase in popularity. For fans of the game, there may be nothing that you enjoy more than watching nine innings of your favorite team or playing in a game yourself. As it is likely that your new friend will be enjoying these games by your side, a baseball themed name can be a perfect moniker for your pup.

Baseball Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Baseball Inspired Dog Name Considerations

While you consider what is the right name for your new pooch, a baseball inspired name may be just what you are searching for. If you have brought home a Golden Retriever, for example, he may remind you of Buddy from Air Bud, while an English Mastiff may bring to mind Hercules, also known as “the Beast”.

If you are a fan of sports, particularly of baseball, giving your pup a baseball inspired name can be ideal. You may have a favorite player whose name you want to pass on to your dog, or you might want to be reminded of your favorite team by giving your new friend the team’s name or the name of the stadium where they play. Every time you call your dog, you will be reminded of the excitement that you feel as your team takes the field each season.  It can also be fun to name your dog after a play or call that occurs in the game.

No matter your reason for choosing a baseball inspired name for your dog, you should have no trouble finding possibilities that are a fit for your new pal. Once a name is chosen you will enjoy the regular reminders simply calling your dog’s name will bring of your favorite sport. 

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Community Dogs with Baseball Inspired Names

Cubby's name story for Baseball Inspired Dog Names
Labrador Retriever
Iowa City, IA

We are the biggest cubs fans CubbyBear

Fenway bark's name story for Baseball Inspired Dog Names
Fenway bark
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Buffalo Center, IA

I❤Red Sox

Ace's name story for Baseball Inspired Dog Names
Labrador Retriever
El Paso, IL
Laid bac
Laid back

ACE refers to the Best pitcher on a baseball team

Slugger's name story for Baseball Inspired Dog Names
American Bulldog
Miami, AZ

Our whole family plays and love baseball. Both my boys play since they where 4. We have had a total of three bull dogs and have named them all after Baseball. Our oldest bulldog was “STRIKE” he had three balls down the side of his body. Our second was “coach”. He was big and had the boss attitude. And our baby is “Slugger”. These where all amazing ... and everyone loved the fact that we are a true Baseball fam. Now we have aquired our first Chihuahua and are debating on calling her “Diamond” to continue our tradition :)

Slugger's name story for Baseball Inspired Dog Names
Labrador Retriever
Rutherfordton, NC

We are a baseball family and wanted a great baseball name.

Ivy's name story for Baseball Inspired Dog Names
Wichita, KS

Life long Chicago Cubs fan. Husband is a life long Chicago White Sox fan. I was able to sneak in the name Ivy after the ivy that grows in Wrigley field without him realizing it was after the Cubs!!! Shhhhh.....don't tell him! It's another win for me!!!

Wrigley's name story for Baseball Inspired Dog Names
Flemington, NJ

My husband and I are are huge baseball fans, specifically Yankees fans but Chicago is my favorite city and every time I have visited, I’ve gone to a Cubbies game...hence the name Wrigley. We have a cat named Jeter and a cat named Baby Ruth aka Ruthie❤️

Gizmo's name story for Baseball Inspired Dog Names
Shih Tzu
Loveland, OH
lazy lovable

he was named that after gizmo the grimlen. he is a shih Tzu York mix are hole family loves him

Ozzie's name story for Baseball Inspired Dog Names
Atlantic Beach, FL

He is named after Ozzie Smith and Ozzie Albies

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