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La Cosa Nostra . . . The Mafia . . . Organized crime. Each of these words describes the premise behind the HBO television series. Anthony Soprano is a gangster with a bit of a conscience. His anxiety attacks prompt him to visit a psychiatrist. The audience follows Tony as he deals with personal issues, such as his teenage daughter's bad attitude and his young son's flirtation with breaking the law. Tony also deals with the pressures of running his crew as a "capo" in organized crime. Tony Soprano is in many ways a man of varying personalities - he can run his crew mercilessly; he is also a caring son and loving father. Only a sweet yet strong dog should carry a name inspired by The Sopranos. 

The Sopranos Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Sopranos Dog Name Considerations

Throughout all the seasons of the hit television series The Sopranos, only one dog was truly featured as a member of the cast. Tony's nephew, Christopher Moltisanti, is romantically involved with Adriana Le Cerva, a restaurant host and part-time music producer. The two also attempt to write a movie script together, but this does not pan out for the pair. Adriana owns a dog she refers to as Cozette, a Maltese. Cozette accompanies Adriana on many of her outings and is featured in many episodes. This makes the Maltese a name deserving of a name inspired by The Sopranos. 

Although Cozette is the only dog featured regularly on the show, one consideration that can be used to determine whether a breed is suited for a name inspired by the hit HBO series is to find a list of pups that hail from Italy. The Maltese hails from Italy as does the Italian Greyhound. The Cane Corso and the Spinone Italiano are also dogs that originate from the homeland of the Soprano's ancestors. The Neapolitan Mastiff and the St. Bernard also have roots in Italy. Each of these dogs is worthy of a name inspired by The Sopranos

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