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Our world is in danger. We all know that going green is not a lifestyle choice anymore, it is something that everyone on earth should be doing. Going green is a relatively new concept that has only recently been put into practice. By recently, we mean a few years, but really, it hasn't been going on for as long as it should. Before going green was popularized, the one and only Dr. Seuss tried his best to get the message across. The Lorax was one of the few works of fiction that urged people to start taking their environment seriously.

Dr Seuss' The Lorax Inspired Names in Pop Culture

Dr Seuss' The Lorax Inspired Dog Name Considerations

The Lorax contains a simple yet effective message. It teaches us to cherish trees and to look after them. They are what give us oxygen, without the trees we would be unable to breathe. This is a simple enough concept that we all know, and yet trees are being cut down at a tremendous rate. Nowadays there are more laws in place to help with deforestation. The alarming problem has not been solved, but we are working on it. They have been fighting back for a long time, but in Dr. Seuss' time, not a lot was being done about it. When considering a moniker from this book, think about your dog's personality; if he is a lover of the outdoors, this theme will be the ideal way to turn.

In typical Dr. Seuss style, he decided to do something about deforestation in his own way. And so, The Lorax was born. A mystical creature to teach children to save their future. They adapted the book into a movie a few years back. It was good, but we have a feeling that Dr. Seuss would have done better. Nevertheless, it still carries a weighty message that every person should learn. This naming guide took names from all the adaptations and the source, you can be sure that Dr. Seuss would have approved of these names. Even the Lorax would smile!

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