The Chronicles of Narnia Dog Names

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C. S. Lewis began writing The Chronicles of Narnia fantasy novels in 1950.  There are 7 books in total and three of these have been made into modern fantasy movies.  The novel is set in our world, and you are then transported into the world of Narnia. There are lots of name inspirations we can consider if we're a fan of this fantasy phenomenon.  Set in England, inspiration can stem from typical British names, to Narnian names, to creatures and places.  If you love Narnia, and want to honor C. S. Lewis, read on and see if this guide can inspire the name for your new canine companion.  

The Chronicles of Narnia Dog Names in Popular Culture

The Chronicles of Narnia Dog Name Considerations

Breed could be a key contributing factor when deciding on a name for your four-legged Narnian friend.  You may choose a name like Aslan for your Collie, Chow Chow, or Pomeranian due to color and coat style. Temperament is often a deciding factor.  We are inspired by fantasy movies or literature, and we can see traits of the characters in our pooch.  Your new pet might be valiant like Lucy, trustworthy like Pattertwig, or brave and fearless like Trufflehunter. There is also Ginger the cat, or the Green Witch, in which you could determine a name based on color inspiration, while still considering Narnian characters. The main thing when choosing a name for your companion is to select a name that suits them best.  Don’t forget, this is a great responsibility as you are choosing a forever-name, and this isn’t easy. 

Make sure you research your names as much as possible.  Take a look at the 30 boys names and 30 girls names from the Chronicles of Narnia below, and write down the names that you like.  You can then go back later and review these. If you still aren’t sure, try talking about it to your family and friends, or call the names out to your new pooch and see if he or she suits or responds to a particular name.  Think about what you can imagine calling out in the street!

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Community Dogs With The Chronicles of Narnia Names

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