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The Australian Cattle Dog is a herding dog that enjoys working. Your four-legged friend loves to be kept busy and needs plenty of exercise.  Australian Cattle dogs are known to be very independent but be careful not to confuse this independence, as they still need your time and attention. This breed is highly energetic and to keep this canine happy, it’s best to ensure that they have a job to do.  Choosing a name for your Australian Cattle Dog is huge – there are lots of things to think about.  Check out our list below as we’ve narrowed down the top 60 male and female names for your Australian Cattle Dog; read on for inspiration!

Australian Cattle Dog Inspired Names in Pop Culture

Australian Cattle Dog Inspired Name Considerations

So, you need to name your Australian Cattle Dog? This can certainly be a daunting task.  There is a lot of inspiration out there to motivate you when naming this breed.  You can consider Australian names like Joey, inspired by a baby kangaroo, or Sheila if your new addition is a female.  Aboriginal names like Miki and Mandu might also be a suitable choice. 

Another consideration is temperament, so think about the fact that the Australian Cattle dog is energetic. Names like Wriggles, Ripper, and Storm might be appropriate for the pup who can’t sit still or runs around like whirlwind. 

Color can also motivate your name choice, for example a name like Blue, Rusty or Scarlett could be a good fit and may match your dog's coat.  You might even take inspiration from popular culture, like Zip in Last of the Dogmen, Dog from Mad Max 2, or Chico from Secret Windows

Taking your time is important when choosing a name.  Rushing into a choice could mean you choose a name that you are later not happy with.  Check out the lists in this guide below and write down those that you like. Go back to your list and if you don’t have a firm choice, why not talk to family and friends to see which one they like?   

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