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There are many names out there that start with "Mi"; in fact, it’s surprising how many. Choosing what you will call your new canine pal is tough, so settling on a beginning is a great way to narrow down your search for that perfect moniker and those that begin with "Mi" are often really cute.  Sources claim that feminine "Mi" names grew in popularity in the 1970’s, and there are a lot of older names making a come-back today. There are also many modern masculine "Mi" names.  Regardless of the name you choose, there’s one thing for certain, there’s a suitable name starting with "Mi" that’s perfect for your new furry addition.

Dog Names that Start with 'Mi' in Pop Culture

Dog Name that Starts with 'Mi' Considerations

If you’re a fan of names that start with "Mi", there are considerations to think about when choosing that all important, lifelong name. If you consider the size of your canine, then a name such as Midget, Micro, or Minnie would be great for your small pooch.  If your dog enjoys long walks, then you might consider the name Miles.  Milkshake is great for your little buddy with a white colored coat and Midnight is great for a black-coated canine. 

Temperament is also something to consider when choosing a name.  Miss Sunshine for your happy four-legged friend, and what about Misdemeanor or Mischief for the mischievous pooch in your life? You could also replace the first part of those names with ‘Mister’ if you wish.  The name Mizthang is great if your furry friend is dramatic and the name Mistletoe is fabulous if your little doggie loves kisses. There are so many things to think about when naming your new companion, as this is serious business!  Have a look at the 60 names listed below and see if there is anything you like.  The main thing is to take your time and choose wisely!

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Community Dogs with Names that Start with 'Mi'

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