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The Chinese Foo Dog has many other names such as the Chinese Temple Forest Dog, the Chinese Dragon Dog, and the Chinese Choo Hunting Dog to name a few, but they are all the same breed. While they are not recognized by the American Kennel Club, they have been a popular breed in China since ancient times. Their ancestry is not documented, but the experts say that they may be a mix between the Chow Chow and European hunting dogs. These furry pups come in three different sizes. The toy weighs up to 20 pounds, the miniature is 20 to 50 pounds, and the standard is over 50 pounds.

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Chinese Foo Dog Name Considerations

These adorable poochies have a thick double-coat with a mane that makes them look like a lion and are very similar to the Chow Chow breed. They come in a variety of colors such as gray, sable, red, cream, tan, black, blue, and multi-colored. They have a well-muscled, robust body and broad skull, their triangular ears stand up, and they look similar to a Spitz because of their fuzzy, curved tail. The Chinese Foo Dog is an excellent guard dog and can also hunt, herd, and perform in agility courses like a pro. 

Because of all of their talents and adorable fuzzy looks, there are a plethora of pawesome names to choose from. You may want to choose a title that refers to their size if you get a toy or mini Chinese Foo Dog like Tiny, Runt, or Little Bits. You could also pick from the many terrific Chinese names or names that mean guardian or herding dog. In addition, since they are so furry, the names Bear and Teddy are adorable too. The Chinese Foo Dogs also have a lot of history behind them as they are believed to bring good luck and are even somehow related to the Chinese lions that guard many buildings in China. 

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