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You've heard of the term, a "born leader." If this can apply to people, it's sure to be able to apply to puppies as well! Do you get that strong sense of resolve behind those beautiful puppy dog eyes? Then he or she is sure to deserve a strong and commanding name like the ones in our list below. Each name is carefully selected to convey the meaning of leader or ruler, coming from several cultures and languages. Whether male or female, your precious puppy pal will have a name that recalls more than just royalty - but the shining example of true leadership as well!

Dog Names Meaning Leader in Pop Culture

Dog Name Meaning Leader Considerations

Dogs have inherited their pack instincts from their close wolf relatives. The concept of an alpha or leader within the pack sticks with them, with how they interact with other beings in the world. Genuine respect and camaraderie shine from these dog friends, so we are sure you will find qualities of leaders in each of your puppy pals. An easygoing demeanor can be every bit as noble as a serious one. Of course, if your dog has a bossy streak, then this naming convention is wonderfully apt too!

It's easy to think that big, aggressive dogs are more deserving to be named as leaders over small dogs, but not all tiny pups are timid and passive as you may be led to believe. We are sure that Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Dobermans have wonderfully tough and commanding names, but leaders can take on the regal perspective. Small yet highbrow breeds like the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Greyhound, Great Pyrenees, and Pekingese have wonderful personalities that make them fit to lead as well. You can see it in how they carry themselves. Challenging your opinions on what a true leader is will definitely help you cut down on the numerous choices and help you figure out which beautiful name to finally pick.

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