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Shenzhen is a popular city in China that is part of the Pearl River Delta Megalopolis and borders Hong Kong. This ancient city has archaeological remains from 5000 BC and some of the earliest known recorded mentions of the city date back to 1410. Many of these records have written mentions of the first known dogs as pets that were owned back then. Some of the breeds from this Asian area include the Shar-Pei, Chinese Crested, Tibetan Mastiff, Pekingese, Chow Chow, Foo, Shih Tzu, and the Pug. In Shenzhen, pooches have been treated as royalty ever since ancient times when the Emperors of dynasties owned their own furever furiends.

Shenzhen Dog Names in Pop Culture

Shenzhen Dog Name Considerations

Shenzhen dog names can apply to breeds which were developed in any Asian area including China, Japan, and South Korea, but they can also be chosen for any poochie just because you like the title or sound of the title. Choosing a name for your new pupster does not have to be a chore, though. You can wait and spend time with your new furbaby for a few days or weeks to get to know their personality. This can help you learn any unique quirks or habits that your new canine kid has so you may be able to get an idea for the perfect moniker for them.

Fur example, Buddha or Monk are both awesome names for a mellow pup; Shenshi, which is the Chinese word for gentleman, is great for a well-mannered doggo; Nao Nao, which is Chinese for naughty, is a pawesome name for a dog who doesn’t listen; and Wan, which means gentle and graceful in Shenzhen, would be ideal for a sweet pooch. If you want a name that goes with your dog’s appearance, Jin means gold in Chinese and is great for a gold dog, Hai is Chinese for black and perfect for a black pooch, and Bai means white in Shenzhen and is excellent for a white dog. We've listed some of our faves here to help you get started. 

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